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Acholi Quarter: Making 58 Cents a Day

In the capital city of Uganda, Kampala there is a place called the Acholi Quarter. Over 4,000 families (35,000+ people) live in the Acholi Quarter in dire poverty as they've relocated there to escape the war of the LRA in northern Uganda around Gulu.

In the middle of the Acholi Quarter is a rock quarry where people often spend from sunup to sundown breaking rocks. Breaking rocks into smaller rocks. Medium sized rocks into smaller rocks.

Dusty. Dirty. Mind-numbing. 7 days a week. Week after week. Filling lungs with rock dust. 12 or more hours a day, for 1,000 shillings, which is about .58 cents US. 1,000 shillings buys one person a sub-standard meal for one single day, that's it.

Life in Africa gives Ugandans the opportunity to learn new skills and create a sustainable income, so that they and their families can look forward to a better future.