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Jungle Beads are individually handcrafted in Uganda from recycled paper materials such as magazines, catalogs and brochures. The beautiful colors are a result of the printing ink on the paper. No other dyes are added. Each bead is first rolled from a thin strip of paper and dipped in several coats of varnish for a water resistant finish. Then they are strung with tiny seed beads on high-strength line for a stunning and lightweight piece of jewelry you will be proud to wear.

Choose your color

Since our beads are created using recycled paper, it is impossible to guarantee exact colors. Our colors are divided into tone groups and we guarantee that any item you order will be in the tone group you specify. Many of our beads are multi-colored or variegated. They are placed into tone groups based on the color that is most prominent.



Jungle Leaf: all shades and hues of green




Jungle Blossom: all shades and hues of red




Jungle Sky: all shades and hues of blue




Jungle Earth: earthtones including golds, oranges, ambers and browns



Jungle Night: very dark colors from almost black to blacks and grays



Jungle Bamboo: tans, off-whites, very pale yellows and greens


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