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463301162_e9d459843b_mLife in Africa has a long history of collaborating with partners from around the world, who bring skills, advice, product orders, financial/material support and fresh ideas to complement the work that New LiA Kireka's members do to support each other for their community's development.

We are particularly grateful for the collaborative support of the following organizations and individuals throughout the years:

  • Adolea (Croatia)
  • Africa Bag (USA)
  • Bags of Africa (USA)
  • Bomoi Bag (USA)
  • The Butterfly Project (Uganda)
  • Ci2i Global (global)
  • Edgeryders (global)
  • Esther Parties (Australia)
  • Evolutionize It (Belgium)
  • Fund a Field (USA)
  • La Crescenta Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • LEAD Uganda (Uganda)
  • (USA)
  • New York University (USA)
  • Private Education Development Network (Uganda)
  • Project Yesu (USA)
  • Mr. Opira Otto (Sweden)
  • Community (global)
  • Red Earth Rising (USA)
  • Mr. Biplab Paul (India)
  • Mme Ute Riethling (Germany)
  • Mr. Stephen Shames (USA)
  • Think Humanity (USA)
  • Wings of Courage (Canada)
  • Women Lovers (USA)