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We have the land now!


We are really very grateful to all the people who in one way or the other played a role in making this first phase of the Family Transition Center in Kitgum happen. This was really received with great joy from the ladies!! It's really all very exciting to leap [...]

From my own experience

 “When a man is knocked down once,  he would have twice the energy that he had before when he gets up”

This is the kind of energy that we have right now in re-launching our campaign at Startsomegood. We feel that we do have the capacity to reach this goal. The ultimate goal is [...]

Family Transition Center – campaign now live!

With growing unrest in the Acholi Quarter since it was announced last July that the land has been sold for commercial development, the women of LiA Kireka have developed their most important self empowerment plan ever.

It's time to go home

The plan they've developed represents these inspiring women’s collective vision and wisdom for how they can [...]

Home is home

Last year and January this year there has been serious unrest in Acholi quarter with the police battling with the locals.