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What this African grandmother taught me about co-creative leadership and thrivable community planning

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Esther Akello is the vice chairman of New Life in Africa in Kireka, who appears in the video on the community's current crowdfunding campaign for a Family Transition Center that will help them to move back home to Northern Uganda - see

She speaks Luo instead of English in the video, [...]


 It has been a good day for us here at life in Africa as our tailors for the first time scooped a deal to make over 600 sleep wears for our partner organization Esther Parties of Australia.

The good thing is one of our members offered to bring her big industrial machine to do the finishing. [...]



Lia Teenage mothers gaining skills, the first lot who joined last year are now able to produce some thing. We tested their skills when Butterfly Project contracted them to make uniform for their students. We started with two sewing machines but now there are over ten machines which have helped in this training.

More machines are [...]


I’m really excited about the day care center.  And would like to thank all those who have put efforts in raising money that is making this a reality. Needless to mention the names but you know the very important role you have played.  More especially BIG UPS for LIA USA and women love us foundation [...]

Daycare Centre Will Serve Young Mothers

Teenage mothers in the Life in Africa community are learning valuable career skills such as tailoring.

I am reposting this information from Peter Ndelo, the director of Life in Africa in Kampala, Uganda. Please consider supporting this very worthy enterprise.

"The new Life in Africa is a community based organization formed and run by the war [...]

Including Teenage mothers in Computer & Tailoring Skill Training

As part of our efforts to transform the community through life skill trainings, Life in Africa Kireka thought that we should not leave behind the teenage mothers of Acholi quarter. There are more than 3,000 displaced families in Acholi quarter, and the numbers of teenage mothers contribute to this.  The life at this IDP (internally [...]