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Let’s bell the cat together


I had mentioned before that  there has already been need for these people to go back home. When we did our yearly needs assessment , some 3 years or so ago, everyone's priority was "going back home". Life has not been very easy for these ladies, they live in very small mud  rooms [...]

Jennifer Adoch: a small woman with giant shoulders

Jennifer at home, next to her 8 year old

My friend Jennifer is such a tiny woman, that she's hardly taller than her 8 year old daughter. She is wise beyond her 27 years, however - very intelligent, quick to learn and creative. Her experiences working with the Life in Africa group on craft product [...]

Betty’s choice: the importance of community in healing the wounds of war

Betty has been a member of the Life in Africa community since 2006

Betty Atimango has a particular set of reasons for wanting the Kampala-based Life in Africa group’s crowdfunding campaign for a Family Transition Center in Northern Uganda to succeed.

The atrocities that happen in war are often unspeakable, thus hard to imagine, even for [...]

The Dream To The Transition Centre

However much the clock is ticking, you can't imagine how excited the ladies of Acholi quarter are preparing to move to the transitional center. They are more so grateful to those people who have so far expressed their sympathies to sacrifice their time and pennies towards this initiative. we still need whatever kind of [...]

What this African grandmother taught me about co-creative leadership and thrivable community planning

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Esther Akello is the vice chairman of New Life in Africa in Kireka, who appears in the video on the community's current crowdfunding campaign for a Family Transition Center that will help them to move back home to Northern Uganda - see

She speaks Luo instead of English in the video, [...]


Years ago, Life in Africa members were actively online in collaboration with supporters around the world at the community.  Since that community closed, we've been searching for another space in which to connect and plan together with our global allies. To that end, we've recently started a new Life in Africa group space at [...]

Home is home

Last year and January this year there has been serious unrest in Acholi quarter with the police battling with the locals.


When the community members launched the saving scheme in 2012, it was such an uneasy thing to do as most poor people like our community members were living from hand to mouth but we do encourage the members to do some little savings from their earnings as the saying goes…….the one cent saved today is [...]


 It has been a good day for us here at life in Africa as our tailors for the first time scooped a deal to make over 600 sleep wears for our partner organization Esther Parties of Australia.

The good thing is one of our members offered to bring her big industrial machine to do the finishing. [...]



Lia Teenage mothers gaining skills, the first lot who joined last year are now able to produce some thing. We tested their skills when Butterfly Project contracted them to make uniform for their students. We started with two sewing machines but now there are over ten machines which have helped in this training.

More machines are [...]