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From my own experice

Patrick trying to pull log “When a man is knocked down once,  he would have twice the energy that he had before when he gets up”

This is the kind of energy that we have right now in re-launching our campaign at Startsomegood. We feel that we do have the capacity to reach this goal. The ultimate goal is to have our ladies go back home safely, because a minute longer that we would take now in planning how to move on with this, could mean another disaster for them. As one of the people who has first hand experience of being displaced, I would not wish to see this happen again. Though for me, it was a blessing in disguise!

I too was caught up in the war zone and when the fighting intensified, my children and I had to trek 6o kms to reach the main town of Gulu.  The children were as young as 8, 6, 4, and 2. Their father had been abducted by the rebels and would never  come back again. We had to spend several days on the move, in many cases with no food at all for the children. It surely was a very tough time, just like most of the Life in Africa ladies experienced. My own experience later became an inspiration  to find ways of helping these ladies. This experience was coupled with my luck to have had the opportunity of attending a good school in the north, and  getting good enough results to receive a district scholarship at one of the top secondary schools in the capital city.unnamed[11]

In our days no girl would be allowed to go to school as it was believed that this introduces them into prostitution. The only training  that a girl needed was to know how to cook (the Acholis are believed the best cooks in the country) and work in the garden, and course take care of children, which was typically done by a mother or an aunt. digging with baby on her back

I was one of the very lucky ones who managed to go to secondary school. I also continued into college to do a Business course in Hotel management. Somewhere in the middle there, I had a blurred path and did not know where I should really be with my career. I tried many different things ranging from teaching to catering and doing many kinds of odd jobs etc.. But my heart kept telling me that I did not belong to any of those. I kept feeling that I had a mission to accomplish, but did not know how until I met Christina, Life in Africa's original founder, who I think has been my greatest inspiration and role model.

Grace helping with a traiining on savings and budgetingWorking with her I found everything that I was looking for, she introduced me to all the different ways of becoming this person that was quiet inside me. I got free tutorials in managing different things ranging from the use of internet as a tool in accomplishing our work as social entrepreneurs, to different ways of sustaining our projects including crafts which remained our main source of income to date. To be very honest, no one I have ever met can compare to Christina. She remains my mentor up to now. Since 2009 I have been the chairperson of Life in Africa. christina 2

I really did not mean to divert your attention from the main point, but it was necessary that you also know who I am and how I got involved in this work. I shall be talking more on how I feel it is important for these people to go back home, even were there not this urgency of them being displaced again. Please see our campaign for a Family Transition Center at and help if you can.

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