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Family Transition Center – campaign now live!

LiA women in a co-creative planning session

With growing unrest in the Acholi Quarter since it was announced last July that the land has been sold for commercial development, the women of LiA Kireka have developed their most important self empowerment plan ever.

It's time to go home

The plan they've developed represents these inspiring women’s collective vision and wisdom for how they can best support each other through their individual transitions (with as little interruption of their children’s education as possible), and contribute as a group to rebuilding their post-war community and culture in the North.

Most own land already, but they'll need to plant food and build homes for their families to arrive to when they move. Those who don't have their own land (especially the single mothers among them) will need a place to re-settle more permanently. The Family Transition Center they'd like to establish will cater to all of their own needs and more.

Their co-created plan includes 3 main phased objectives:

Construct a centrally located center that offers a temporary home-base in the North, from which the 35 women can work in rotating teams to help each other plant, build and prepare their family homes;

Support the physical resettlement of their 35 families;

Serve the local community in the North with skills and talents that the Life in Africa group’s members and global allies have to offer.

A number of the LiA group’s friends and allies from around the world are onboard with a longer term intent to support the Family Transition Center’s development within the next 2 years. With thousands of families currently at various stages of resettling in the North, the LiA group's objective in bringing their global allies onboard is to evolve the center into a local community education and transition support hub.

See more about the plan at - contribute if you can and please share it widely!

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