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f It has been a good day for us here at life in Africa as our tailors for the first time scooped a deal to make over 600 sleep wears for our partner organization Esther Parties of Australia.

The good thing is one of our members offered to bring her big industrial machine to do the finishing. Five teenage others who got training from Life in Africa are involved in this project plus three senior tailors.

Because of the workload involved in cutting the materials, we realized that we could not manage to cut the materials with the scissors but managed to purchase a simple hand electric machine that has simplified the work of cutting.


We are excited to fill this order and we hope to get even a bigger order if we meet her expectation.  The work is expected to be delivered in October 2013.

The challenge we face is making labels that we can put on the collars to show the flammability of the materials as required by Australian law. And also another label bearing the logo of the Esther Parties.

We can make just simple labels using local screen printing but we afraid this kind of printing can easily be washed by water. However  we ordered for labels at the only place in Uganda house with unique uniform only to learn that it’s being made in Nairobi Kenya!

We pray that   we get the labels in time to deliver this.

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