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Daycare Centre Will Serve Young Mothers

Teenage mothers in the Life in Africa community are learning valuable career skills such as tailoring.

I am reposting this information from Peter Ndelo, the director of Life in Africa in Kampala, Uganda. Please consider supporting this very worthy enterprise.

"The new Life in Africa is a community based organization formed and run by the war displaced persons of Northern Uganda. As peace returns among the Acholi community, there is need to restore hope among them through skill life training in computer and tailoring. Over 3000 people were displaced by the northern war all over the country including in Banda –Kireka, a Kampala suburb.

"Because of hard conditions and other circumstances, there is an increase in the number of young girls getting pregnant and giving birth to babies whose fathers can not be traced! At the end of the day they are left with no options but resolved to work at stone quarry to make end meet. We wish to give the best option of skill life training to these young mothers.

"And so far twenty teenage mothers with babies strapped on their backs have been enrolled in this program and more are expected to come. These teenage mothers don’t have ample time to concentrate well in these trainings with babies on their back and for that reason we wish to have a day care that would cater for the babies.

" To put our thoughts into practice, we have managed to raise money for the perimeter wall to guarantee safety of these babies and the construction is underway. We now have a challenge to raise money for day care equipment and supplies."

Here is the link to donate, and thank you in advance.

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