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Seeking loans!

We are getting closer to our goal of raising the money necessary to build the brick wall for our child care center! For those that don't know, Life in Africa in Kampala is starting a child day care center. There are so many single mothers in the neighborhood, some of whom attend the LiA tailoring training discussed here, and they are in need of good quality child care while they work or train. The existing fence at the center, however, is made of papyrus and obviously can't provide a secure environment for small children.

We are seeking funds in the form of loans, which will be repaid to each and every lender once the center is up and running and turning a profit. Please consider clicking on the Chip In button and lending even a small amount. These mothers and children need our support to become productive and responsible citizens. On behalf of all the moms and kids of Life in Africa, I thank you very much.

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  • We are so soory for entering by this way your mail, please we ae weathfare CBO Organisation in Namibia, Currently working with OVC’S and people inffected and affected by HIV/AIDS relative issues. We are in city, Windhoek, Katutura, Tekoa Street, Dolam, Erf 3317. Could please be so good and forward unto us possible Orgnisations and institutions that can help us we really, really need assistnace to expand our project, as the space is limited, we need bigger space, and also want institutions and donor to come to our organisation to view our ground.

    This is the organisation started by mother Christina Karises, as a personal initiative, who was at the time mostly giving pastoral care and counseling to poeple infected and affectod

    Pleas if possible direcft us to other donors, you wellcome to get in touch with our organisation.

    Will forward our website soon unto uou.

    God bless you,

    Kind regards,

    Office Administrator
    Mr.Gersie Uiseb

  • benard ochieng

    thank you for being big hearted may God reward you

  • benard ochieng

    i need to act as a volunteer in this initiative kindly contact

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