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It’s approximately two months since I posted that Life in Africa Kireka developed a tailoring project that is aiming at training the teenage mothers, the teenage mothers are those young girls who conceived at early ages and can neither  continue with school nor get married.  The tailoring project is going on successfully with over twenty teenage mothers and their babies on the backs.  This pushed us to think about how to get hold on the situation of training these young mothers with their babies on the back. Some times they find it difficult to concentrate on the training as they would need to consul their crying babies!

the organization came up with an idea of starting a child care centre that would help look after these babies during the day as their mothers are learning. Having thought of that, we didn’t know that it was such a good project that not only will cater for teenage mothers who are getting training at the center, but all the people around the center because more trainees with similar challenges are coming. It is really a challenge for even a lower class people mostly ladies who work as house keepers, industrial workers and venders to perform their duties  better because of babies, some times they even loose jobs because of that.

Besides, Life in Africa Kireka is just 100 meters from the main road to the city and when we put our banner about the child care center opening soon, most of these ladies and gentlemen driving to work in the city had to begin inquiring about the service and most of them are very mush pleasant about the service as its easy for them to drop their kids as they go to work and pick them as they retire home in the evenings.

Stimulating toys and beds can be easily acquired   for this development to take place. However the center lacks security wall and this will not make the parents trust us with their kids because the place is wide opened such that any one can have access to it including those interested in stealing other people’s kids for various reasons. So to make parents more confidence, there is immediate need for security wall. At one point, we have had papyrus fence which people tore and got their way through and we feel should have a lasting solution. you reading this could be one of the best lenders to this project.

To learn more about this project, and about the online community who has committed to managing this loan, please visit the ongoing discussion at


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