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Mushrooms for Kireka

I am so excited to see this great project taking shape. The members of LiA Kireka are starting a mushroom farm at their center. Mushrooms have become very popular in Uganda and are served now in most of the hotels and restaurants. They have mostly been imported at a high price but there is a growing trend to grow them locally. And even the local residents have started buying the locally grown mushrooms and using them in their cooking.

They have used a small grant from Life in Africa USA to build the dark room needed to grow their gardens. They plan to set up around 400 gardens and are very confident that the enterprise will be profitable. The monies earned will help to support the center and will also go into a profit sharing fund that will be shared equally will all the participating members. There are around 30 members participating (mostly women).

You can read more about the workings of the Community MushroomCultivation Project and follow the discussions and planning. We will also be posting updates here. There is also more information and photos on their project page  with a photo of an actual garden. Check it out, you might find it really interesting.

And while you are there, why not take a few minutes and make a small donation. It only costs $1.50 to start a garden. We are helping them to raise enough for 400 gardens. That's less than the cost of a cup of coffee but the impact it can have on this community is huge.

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