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Life in Africa USA (a 501(c)(3) organization) was established to support New Life in Africa (Kireka) - a community based organization that creates positive impact for war-affected families in Kampala, Uganda.


Family Transition Center – campaign now live!

LiA women in a co-creative planning session

With growing unrest in the Acholi Quarter since it was announced last July that the land has been sold for commercial development, the women of LiA Kireka have developed their most important self empowerment plan ever.

It's time to go home

The plan they've developed represents these inspiring women’s collective vision and wisdom for how they can best support each other through their individual transitions (with as little interruption of their children’s education as possible), and contribute as a group to rebuilding their post-war community and culture in the North.

Most own land already, but they'll need to plant food and build homes for their families to arrive to when they move. Those who don't have their own land (especially the single mothers among them) will need a place to re-settle more permanently. The Family Transition Center they'd like to establish will cater to all of their own needs and more.

Their co-created plan includes 3 main phased objectives:

Construct a centrally located center that offers a temporary home-base in the North, from which the 35 women can work in rotating teams to help each other plant, build and prepare their family homes;

Support the physical resettlement of their 35 families;

Serve the local community in the North with skills and talents that the Life in Africa group’s members and global allies have to offer.

A number of the LiA group’s friends and allies from around the world are onboard with a longer term intent to support the Family Transition Center’s development within the next 2 years. With thousands of families currently at various stages of resettling in the North, the LiA group's objective in bringing their global allies onboard is to evolve the center into a local community education and transition support hub.

See more about the plan at http://startsomegood.com/lifeinafrica - contribute if you can and please share it widely!


Years ago, Life in Africa members were actively online in collaboration with supporters around the world at the Omidyar.net community.  Since that community closed, we've been searching for another space in which to connect and plan together with our global allies. To that end, we've recently started a new Life in Africa group space at the Edgeryders community.

Our main objective in the Edgeryders group is to work with our global allies (and meet new ones as well) around developing a Family Transition Center, which will enable our members to finally return back home.

Please join us there to learn more about the plan, and stay tuned for a fundraising campaign later this spring. We hope to see you there!

Home is home

quarterLast  year and January this year there has been serious unrest in Acholi quarter  with the police battling with the locals. The fact that people from Northern Uganda settled in this  place that came to be called "Acholi quarter" was due to rebel Leader Joseph Kony insurgency that claimed  and displaced thousands of people! The people of Northern Uganda have lived on this peace of land for over 20+ years.

But that does not make it their home to live permanently, much as everybody would wish to go back home since the war is now history, there are so many challenges, people need to organize themselves in terms of transport, knowledge about how to start life when they get there, For twenty years in internally displaced persons camp means that some people were born here and may not even  trace their ancestral land. To make matters worse, the government is already pushing the people to leave so that the place can be developed into modern commercial building without giving the people time or even finding ways to settle them!

As life in Africa who are working and have worked with some of these women, we feel that we should put in place a transitional center up northern Uganda where they come from, This is will help as a learning place for all homestead related issues and also a connector to different villages where these women originated from. I strongly believe that with this kind of collaboration, we shall forge ways to settle not all the people from Acholi quarter but at least  some. -


womensavingWhen the community members launched the saving scheme in 2012, it was such an uneasy thing to do as most poor people like our community members were living from hand to mouth but we do encourage the members to do some little savings from their earnings as the saying goes…….the one cent saved today is better than a million one plans to save tomorrow. This is the second year the LIA members of Acholi quarter have been saving.

Every Monday the minimum a member can save is 5,000/= and the maximum is 20,000/= and 200/= as fine for whoever comes late. The secretary does the recording of all the money collected and gives to the treasure who keeps in safe box. Members are allowed to borrow just 20% of their own saving   to avoid difficulty in paying and to uphold the purpose of the scheme. A little interest is charged for late paying and borrowing stops just on the 11th month of the year and the cash box is opened on every 22nd of December.

Last year the least amount one member saved was 235,000/= and the maximum was 940,000/=

At the end of the year, members realized the significance of saving because they received their saving as a surprise. Other were able to buy new cloths for their children, paid first term fees for the children, others renovated their houses and bought households like chair. One of the top savers including the interest earned, walked away with 1,300,000/=.     It looks little but to a person living on a half a dollar a day, it means a lot to them.


f It has been a good day for us here at life in Africa as our tailors for the first time scooped a deal to make over 600 sleep wears for our partner organization Esther Parties of Australia.

The good thing is one of our members offered to bring her big industrial machine to do the finishing. Five teenage others who got training from Life in Africa are involved in this project plus three senior tailors.

Because of the workload involved in cutting the materials, we realized that we could not manage to cut the materials with the scissors but managed to purchase a simple hand electric machine that has simplified the work of cutting.


We are excited to fill this order and we hope to get even a bigger order if we meet her expectation.  The work is expected to be delivered in October 2013.

The challenge we face is making labels that we can put on the collars to show the flammability of the materials as required by Australian law. And also another label bearing the logo of the Esther Parties.

We can make just simple labels using local screen printing but we afraid this kind of printing can easily be washed by water. However  we ordered for labels at the only place in Uganda house with unique uniform only to learn that it’s being made in Nairobi Kenya!

We pray that   we get the labels in time to deliver this.

photo 1




Lia Teenage mothers gaining skills, the first lot who joined last year are now able to produce some thing. We tested their skills when Butterfly Project contracted them to make uniform for their students. We started with two sewing machines but now there are over ten machines which have helped in this training.

More machines are still needed to enable us meet our target of twenty ordinary machines and at least three industrial ones. We thank those who have supported us so far achieve this and not forgetting the day care center, we have achieved three quarters of the day care needs and at least is now helpful to the trainees’ children and in later date shall welcome other children as we struggle to get all these remaining stuffs.


It was a very colorful day; the New York University students had funs and taught LIA children so many wonderful things just at the centre. This was meant to have time with LIA children who could not go to the National Theater the previous day. They also gave out supplies to the kids.   Big ups to New York University Students for such an annual visits.


Nyu Students and LIA Kids

The New York University Students made it again with Lia Kids at Lia ground and National theater UG, it was amazing.

At the National Threater Kampala


I’m really excited about the day care center.  And would like to thank all those who have put efforts in raising money that is making this a reality. Needless to mention the names but you know the very important role you have played.  More especially BIG UPS for LIA USA and women love us foundation USA for holding the heaviest part of this load. With you, we are reaching our destination.

Even a thousand miles begin with a step, we have moved all that far. The compound is beginning to look better and we are yet to put many things in place.

Daycare Centre Will Serve Young Mothers

Teenage mothers in the Life in Africa community are learning valuable career skills such as tailoring.

I am reposting this information from Peter Ndelo, the director of Life in Africa in Kampala, Uganda. Please consider supporting this very worthy enterprise.

"The new Life in Africa is a community based organization formed and run by the war displaced persons of Northern Uganda. As peace returns among the Acholi community, there is need to restore hope among them through skill life training in computer and tailoring. Over 3000 people were displaced by the northern war all over the country including in Banda –Kireka, a Kampala suburb.

"Because of hard conditions and other circumstances, there is an increase in the number of young girls getting pregnant and giving birth to babies whose fathers can not be traced! At the end of the day they are left with no options but resolved to work at stone quarry to make end meet. We wish to give the best option of skill life training to these young mothers.

"And so far twenty teenage mothers with babies strapped on their backs have been enrolled in this program and more are expected to come. These teenage mothers don’t have ample time to concentrate well in these trainings with babies on their back and for that reason we wish to have a day care that would cater for the babies.

" To put our thoughts into practice, we have managed to raise money for the perimeter wall to guarantee safety of these babies and the construction is underway. We now have a challenge to raise money for day care equipment and supplies."

Here is the link to donate, and thank you in advance.